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    By one of my favorite hentai artists (and, among female artists, Naomi Nekomata is number 1), I’m very glad to present you the UNCENSORED version of one of her best works, Naked Association, also called Futanari Lovers.

    Hentai maniacs please visit Hentai.cloud and I’ll make the precision in case this is needed, NO, I’m not joining the dark side. But when an artist draw awesomely superb hentai with exquisite faces looking angelically candid and slutty the next second, beautiful bodies from toes to head, no matter if it’s futa or not, I’ll LOVE it, and I’ll be able to discard the elements likely to disturb me.

    I’m starting to see another reason why I prefer original mangas to doujinshi, you may have given up on watching anime more than half a decade ago because you simply didn’t have time, and still enjoy the show without wondering if there aren’t parts you missed ^^

    So, here, with my thanks to Sun-Wukong and Super Shanko, here is a Solty Rei hentai doujin. I never heard about Solty Rei before this evening, but fortunately there is close to zero scenario, this is just fap’n’go. Quality fap’n’go, mind you, with nice happy sex, a pleasant “hand-drawn” touch, and several girls 

    By the same artist, I share another pack of 2 works. That other pack was fairly unpopular (not many downloads, a low 2.72 / 5 visitor rating), and yet, I don’t really see why. To each his own tastes of course, but sometimes, I’m at a loss and I completely fail at guessing the popularity of my future posts.

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    THE quotation that first convinced me I HAD to click the download link for Ero Manga Girl. No need for a long description, this is a pack of 100 randomly picked uncensored hentai pictures, chose whichever you like, and enjoy ! While you read this post written in advance, according to the meteo forecasts, i’ll be on holidays under the rain ¬_¬

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